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The Costa Blanca and all the villages that comprise it are very rich in popular festivals and traditions. The festivals are part of the life of all Mediterranean villages throughout the Costa Blanca and are highlighted by their colour, diversity and spectacle.

Each of the villages on the Costa Blanca has a full calendar celebrating its festivities, which are full of musical performances, fireworks and mascletás, processions, bullfights, etc..

The Moors and Christians:

The Moors and Christians celebrations are one of the more participatory and widespread in the Costa Blanca. They commemorate the Christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula. Started in the town of Alcoy, seven centuries ago it now has spread to many villages in the region. They are very spectacular parades with lavish dresses which recreate that era, all accompanied by the sound of rockets and gunfire representing of the battle between each side. Spectacular costume parades, bands and domestic and exotic animals.

The Hogueras de San Juan:

The Hogueras of San Juan, are held in almost every village on the Costa Blanca, especially those coastal villages. It celebrates the arrival of summer with the lighting of bonfires. Formerly it was an agricultural festival in which farmers celebrated the passage of the longest day of the year for harvesting crops and the shortest night by the destruction of evil by fire. Bonfires burned on the night of June 23 are a true spectacle of fire especially on the beaches of the Costa Blanca.  Except in Alicante where they are burned on the night of June 24.

The Fallas:

The  Fallas are papier-mâché sculptures which are eventually burnt, this is another traditional festival of the Costa Blanca.  The capital of the Fallas is the city of Valencia. However another important town is Denia. The fallas are typically satirical in nature and can reach several meters high. The feast of San José is the final day of the Fallas and the beginning of spring.
Popular participation has given this festival a well-deserved world wide reputation and it has been declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest.