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As we all know, the economic crisis has had many negative consequences on the economy. However, for those who are thinking in buying a primary or second home, it is one of the best times to invest because of the drastic drop in prices caused by the crisis.

Today you can find in Spain, and especially on the Mediterranean coast, outstanding real estate products at bargain prices, with an incredible value.

Despite these increasingly appealing offers, we should not embark on the adventure of buying a house without legal assistance.

Buying a property on the Costa Blanca can be a dream or a nightmare in the future. This can be easily prevented by following a series of basics tips.


First to find the property we are interested in buying, you have to go to a reputable company brokerage with years of experience who can demonstrate, with offices, with their own web page that explains «who they are». They must be professionals and be able to provide references, company history and satisfied customers.

As a customer interested in buying, you must establish that they have authority form the owner to sell the property. Such companies have withstood the vicissitudes of the market for long time. They have usually been established by management and provide dignified and customer service as required of them. This should give you assurance and confidence.

Also be wary of people totally independent trying to sell a property without any infrastructure or offices, which are not licensed to do so. These are usually people we meet in bars, restaurants, landscapers, pool cleaners,….generally believed that the client through an intermediary and is getting a bargain, and in most cases is becoming a problem that will cost you much effort and money to solve.


Second, it is important legal advice by a legal professional who will review the contract, do the SEARCH in the register of the property to see if there are outstanding charges, and explain to the buyer all the pros and cons of purchasing process all the risks, rights and obligations. At the same time they will check at the Town Hall for the urban situation of the property, check that there are no outstanding debts for water, electricity, telephone, community charges,….calculate all expenses and taxes: Notary, Land Registry, Tax Equity Broadcasting, retention if the seller is not resident, local goodwill, etc….

These are roughly basic steps to follow to acquire a property with confidence, so apart from buying real estate through an established real estate. We offer reliable, open and honest service. It is advisable to consult a lawyer to manage the whole buying process and ensure the transmission of that property within the law.

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